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Toll rises in Brazil mine mudslide…and more

Toll rises in Brazil mine mudslide

Brazil mine mudslide

One person has been killed and more than a dozen more are feared dead after a dam burst at a mining waste site in Brazil, unleashing a deluge of toxic mud.Adao Severino Junior, the fire chief in the city of Mariana, told AFP that he would not release a new death toll until relatives of the victims were notified.Severino Junior said late Thursday that more than 50 injured in the disaster in the village of Bento Rodrigues, in southeastern Minas Gerais state.The number of missing could surpass 40, he added.Bento Rodrigues is 80 per cent buried, the fire chief said. The village has a population of about 600, most of whom work for the mining company Samarco…


Natural Security: Time to think seriously about climate change and the Pacific

In March 2013, then-Commander of U.S. Pacific Command, Admiral Sam Locklear, told a group of reporters that the greatest long-term threat in the Asia-Pacific region was climate change. This certainly raised eyebrows at the time, with some observers hailing Admiral Locklear a hero and others questioning his military judgment. There’s been “rumint” that the new PACOM Commander, Admiral Harry Harris, is not so worried about climate change. Indeed, since taking office in May, Admiral Harris has made pointed comments that North Korea is the biggest threat in the region and U.S. frenemy China the biggest challenge…


Disaster Capitalists, the Dementors in Times of Crisis

Business students at USF learn that entrepreneurship is all about opportunity: finding a common problem and creating a profitable solution. But students at USF are also pushed to engage in social impact through their work. Unfortunately, the reality beyond our campus borders is that natural and manmade disasters are seen as wealth opportunities, rather than tragedies that should be responded to swiftly and with no additional cost to the victims. As if loss of life, infrastructure, and stability is not costly enough. We at the Foghorn believe that industries that prey on such hardship should not exist the way they do…



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