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Scientists Just Analyzed Dozens of Natural Disasters…and more

Scientists Just Analyzed Dozens of Natural Disasters. Can You Guess Which Ones We Made Worse?

Climate scientists are pretty good at figuring out the causes of long-term trends. We know that dumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere will make global temperatures rise over time. But pinning down the cause of any single weather event—a specific heat wave, hurricane, or drought—is much more challenging, since extreme things could still happen without global warming. That’s why scientists are so reluctant to say that any particular event happened “because of” climate change…


Insurance Companies Are Treating Hackers Like Natural Disasters, And That’s Good For Your Personal Data

The suspected North Korean hackers who penetrated Sony’s computer networks last year could have cost the movie studio $100 million in losses. Instead, Sony only had to pay out about one-third of that. That’s because Sony had purchased cyberinsurance, a growing but little understood segment of the multibillion-dollar global insurance market that is changing how companies approach data security…


Sydney storm

sydney storm

Storms swept through parts of Sydney and the NSW Central Coast and many took to social media to post their photos…


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