Bank of England to simulate cyber attacks on banks…and more

Bank of England to simulate cyber attacks on banks

bankingBank of England and US Treasury will gauge communications during hacking onslaughts. The Bank of England and the US Treasury are to run simulated cyber attacks later this month, to test financial institutions’ ability to withstand hacking threats. The simulation, called Operation Resilient Shield, is the most sophisticated assessment of communication and network organisation to date, and comes after the Bank of England tested vulnerabilities present in high profile UK banks last year. Announced in January by Prime Minister David Cameron during his visit with President Barack Obama, Operation Resilient Shield will be the first joint exercise to gauge banks’ response to hackers looking to steal information or devastate the financial sector on a transatlantic scale. While past trials have investigated UK banks’ personnel response and…


Resilience: The Gift You Get From Multiple Failures

I no longer chase happiness. I believe, much like renowned psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, that you can’t PURSUE happiness. It ensues when you live a meaningful life. What you CAN chase after is resilience. And I have been pursuing that bad boy with everything I have for the last 10 years. My self-help bookshelves in the living room, in my bedroom (bad Feng shui, I know), and in my son’s bedroom (where I work) are lined with books that contain the word “resilience”…


UN urges Australia to step up aid to countries vulnerable to natural disasters

The United Nations chief representative for the Asia-Pacific says Australia should play a greater role in assisting vulnerable nations in the region as the costs of natural disasters are forecast to escalate by 2030. UN Under-Secretary-General for the Asia-Pacific Shamshad Akhtar says Australia is one of the few nations in the region with the economic resilience to withstand natural disasters. But Australia is also ranked among the top 10 countries with the highest forecast annual losses from disasters, led by Japan, the USA and China. “My appeal to Australia and other countries that have the resources is to work more closely with us to deploy the necessary funds to get this work done to get the capacity building programs out there,” Ms Akhtar told AAP. Under the government of former prime minister Tony Abbott Australia significantly restructured its foreign aid program. In a just released report, Disasters without Borders, the UN says the costs are escalating from natural disasters in the Asia-Pacific, with the region reporting some 50 per cent of the world’s disasters…

Dozens of homes and vehicles on Socotra were damaged by water or swept away.  Image source:
Dozens of homes and vehicles on Socotra were damaged by water or swept away.
Image source:


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