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South Carolina floods leave a shared sense of memories lost…and more

1,000-year biblical floods: Sell Big Oil, buy insurers

A man kayaks on Tall Pines Circle in Columbia, S.C. on Oct. 4.

A man kayaks on Tall Pines Circle in Columbia, S.C. on Oct. 4.

Not long ago insurers talked of 100-year megafires, 100-year megafloods, 100-year droughts and all manner of 100-year climate disasters that were supposed to happen once a century, with costs in the billions. All hard rules-of-thumb. But then recently, 100-year climate disasters began hitting the news media every 100 days. Today, the frequency continues accelerating: Meteorologists are now reporting powerful once-in-a-1,000-year “biblical” disasters every year, as costs keep skyrocketing…


South Carolina floods leave a shared sense of memories lost

Gills Creek flows past the Columbia Ballet School, and, a few miles downstream, a shop where people can pawn car titles to pay monthly bills. It fills lakes ringed with stately, white-columned homes worth nearly $1 million and snakes by a working-class apartment complex where locals say it’s best to leave before dark. Over the past week, as the water rose after days of unrelenting rain in the heart of South Carolina, the creek spilled misery and pain on rich and poor alike, robbing both of the things most precious to them. The once-a-millennium storm and mammoth flood that…


Save us from these apocalyptic clowns: Michele Bachmann blames floods on America’s Israel policy — and she’s not alone

When something terrible happens, it’s usually not long before someone on the religious right attributes it to God’s wrath. From hurricanes to earthquakes to tornadoes to floods, if you look closely enough you’ll see that there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all that horror and suffering: gay people and/or American foreign policy. Enter Michele Bachmann. You probably know by now that South Carolina is experiencing its worst flooding in hundreds of years. At least eleven people have died due to weather-related incidents in the…



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