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ROI of resilient buildings…and more

Tallying the ROI of resilient buildings

returns on resilinceIf there’s one thing the real estate industry doesn’t like, it’s financial uncertainty. With developers constantly trying to balance long project timelines and pressure to deliver short-term profits, unexpected costs such as new construction requirements or city fees usually are accused of sabotaging business activity. But how does that square with the economics of the push to make buildings more resilient, bracing the built environment…



Indonesia asks Australian firies’ help

Indonesia has asked Australia to send a firefighting aircraft and crew to help fight raging forest fires that are choking Southeast Asia with deadly haze .Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir says the details are still being discussed, but it was agreed a water bombing aircraft with 10,000 litre capacity would be of most help. ‘We hope it could arrive as soon as possible,’ he told AAP on Friday. ‘From Singapore and Malaysia, we have heard that either today or tomorrow, help should arrive. ‘Indonesia has been reluctant to accept foreign help to tackle the crisis, which is now escalating…


4 Technology Innovations That Speed Recovery After Natural Disasters

More than three years later, and we’re still learning from Hurricane Sandy. Thanks to a number of factors – from lack of preparation and education to outdated processes – many insurance claims still remain open. Last spring, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) agreed to review all flood insurance claims (more than 140,000), and just prior to this writing, FEMA extended its latest deadline for homeowners affected by Sandy to request their claims be re-opened…



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