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Black Tuesday bushfire survivors asked to share their stories…and more

An Ancient Volcanic Collapse Triggered an 800 Foot Tsunami Wave

gizmodoScientists have just uncovered one of the largest tsunami events in the geologic record, and naturally, it started with an epic splash. 73,000 years ago, the eastern flank of Cape Verde’s Fogo volcano collapsed into the sea, kicking up an 800-foot wave. Think about that for a sec. That’s two thirds the height of the Empire State Building. If a mega-tsunami of that size struck a coastal city today, the consequences would be pretty apocalyptic. And such events aren’t outside the realm of possibility. “Most of these fairly young oceanic volcanoes — such as in the Azores and the Canary Islands and Hawaii — are incredibly…


Authors of Stronger show pathway to resilience

Few would argue that we all need resilience to succeed in business today. Who among us has not faced adversity of one kind or another? It isn’t whether or not you fall but how well you bounce back that is a determining factor in having a successful life in business. But is resilience something we can learn or is it something we are born with? Everly, Strouse and McCormack believe this is a personal attribute that can be learned, and they have the credentials to be believable. All three have spent time researching, studying and thinking about human resilience, that ability to recover after taking a devastating blow. George Everly, an associate professor at John Hopkins University, is one of the founding fathers of stress management. Douglas Strouse, the managing partner of…


Black Tuesday bushfire survivors asked to share their stories for the disaster’s 50th anniversary

The Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) is calling on people who lived through the Black Tuesday fires in 1967 to come forward and share their stories. The project is part of a collaborative effort to commemorate the upcoming 50-year anniversary on February 7, 2017, and raise awareness about bushfire risk. Over the next 18 months, people are invited to tell their survival stories and share any images and artefacts to commemorate the event. Peter Middleton from the TFS said there would be a video booth available at some of the big community events around the state where they could tell their story…


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