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Rare cyclone wreaks havoc across Mediterranean…and more

Rare cyclone wreaks havoc across Mediterranean

A rare Mediterranean cyclone has wreaked havoc in Sardinia, as more than two months of rain hit the island in just 24 hours. There are no reports of casualties, however several families were evacuated from their homes. Strong winds and heavy rainfall caused widespread damage. In addition to a stream of chaos, the cyclone has stirred up controversy. The flooded areas are largely the same as those affected by Cyclone Cleopatra in 2013, raising questions over whether more could have been done to protect local residents…


Urban Resilience in the Age of Northeast Hurricanes

In the lead up to this month’s three year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy’s landfall in New York City, 150 experts from the fields of advocacy, development, government, and academia gathered to debate the state of the city’s resilience planning. The discussions, held at the Museum of the American Indian and hosted by the Municipal Art Society of New York, came just as news of the now-Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin’s trajectory turned toward the East Coast. Of central discussion at the event—titled Talking Resilience: NYC—was the future of New York’s application to the National Disaster Resiliency Competition (NDRC), through which the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development will distribute $1 billion in funding for disaster recovery and long-term community…


Deaths in southern China as Typhoon Mujigae hits

At least four people have died in China as Typhoon Mujigae hit the southern coast. More than a dozen people are missing. The main affected areas are the provinces of Hainan, Guangdong and Guangxi…



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