Natural disasters have affected about 1 in 3 American small businesses…and more

Natural disasters have affected about 1 in 3 American small businesses

When these natural disasters strike, insurance claims are much easier to make when certain basic steps have been taken in order to prepare ahead of the storm. Allstate’s new mobile app has been designed to simplify the preparation process by providing helpful tips and to keep a quick and accurate inventory record. This can also provide a foundation for a business to create a disaster recovery plan, which is something that is typically recommended for any company…


2015 Resilient Australia Award Tasmanian Winners

Today, the Minister for Police and Emergency Management, the Hon. Rene Hidding MP, presented the Tasmanian 2015 Resilient Australia Awards. Now in their 16th year, the Awards are a national program to recognise and promote initiatives which strengthen community disaster resilience. The National Strategy for Disaster Resilience recognises that disaster resilience is the collective responsibility of all sectors of society. Australia’s climate and landscape makes natural disasters a fact of life but by working together, we can reduce their destructive impact. Disaster resilience is about making our communities safer, stronger and better prepared to manage natural disasters. By celebrating innovation and best practice, the awards showcase work that is often unrecognised, inspiring others to think about how they can be more disaster resilient…


Girls Not Brides: Humanitarian, natural disasters increase child marriage globally

stop child marriageMounting evidence reveals that in times of crisis, whether triggered by refugee emergencies, floods, earthquakes or war, the number of young girls being married rises as families struggle to cope. Studies show that child marriages have increased by as much as 20 per cent in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. In Bangladesh, a country prone to floods and other natural disasters, many families see child marriage as the best option to protect children they are too poor to feed or educate. There is also compelling evidence that, even in non-emergency contexts, child marriage has a devastating impact on the health…


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