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Chileans pick through debris after powerful quake; 11 dead…and more

New York to Put County and State EOCs on Common Disaster Platform

Through a program called NY Responds, announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in August, all 62 New York state counties will get free access to Buffalo Computer Graphics’ (BCG) Crisis Information Management software (CIMS) by the end of the year. DisasterLAN (DLAN), which has been used in the New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES) EOC since 2004, will be upgraded and rebranded as a component of NY Responds. It will allow county and state EOCs to connect to a common Web-hosted platform…


Professor studies natural disasters

Ten years ago, a UVM professor of sociology went to New Orleans to begin a seven-year research project studying the effects of natural disasters on children, specifically Hurricane Katrina. Over the course of these years, UVM professor Alice Fothergill and co-author Lori Peek, a sociologist from Colorado State University, conducted research aiming at understanding as much as they could about children’s experience with Hurricane Katrina. Fothergill and Peek interviewed hundreds of children, but featured seven children in their newly released book, “Children of Katrina,” who are representative of many more affected. “A couple of things really stand out,” Fothergill said. “One is that recovery is an incredibly long process; it’s not an endpoint, it’s a process, it goes on and on, and it’s uneven and lengthy and often very difficult for children.”…


Chileans pick through debris after powerful quake; 11 dead



Residents sifted through rubble on Thursday and saved what they could from homes destroyed by a magnitude 8.3 earthquake in central Chile that killed 11 people, forced 1 million from their homes and sent giant waves crashing into coastal areas. Aftershocks shook the South American country following Wednesday’s quake, the strongest in the world this year and the biggest to hit Chile since 2010. But some residents expressed relief that the destruction had not been greater. The northern port city of Coquimbo, where waves of up to 4.5 meters (15 feet) slammed into the shore, was declared an emergency area by the government. The move gives the government a wide range of special powers. It was aimed at speeding aid to the city and allowed soldiers to patrol the streets to ensure security and prevent looting…


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