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Uncrewed airborne disaster relief…and more

Smarter together – why governments and insurance industry should team up to enhance financial resilience

Governments across the globe are reeling from high debt levels and sluggish growth despite historically low interest rates. Others are worried about a fragile growth trajectory and what a hike in interest rates elsewhere could do to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The last thing these governments need are additional shocks to the economy which would not only slow down recovery, but also increase cost of debt…


APEC finance ministers recognize cost of disasters

Finance ministers from Asian and Pacific nations said Friday they are committed to strengthening economic growth and stability in the region and will refrain from competitive currency devaluations amid financial volatility, reports the Associated Press via The Star Tribute. According to the report, recognizing that the region faces frequent costly natural disasters, the finance ministers agreed during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum to enhance their financial resilience “through the development of innovative disaster risk financing and insurance mechanisms and other risk transfer instruments” in the capital markets…


Uncrewed airborne disaster relief – rescue exercise in a simulated flood

rescue in real time

From 9 September 2015, test flights are taking place on three consecutive days in a simulated disaster scenario as part of the EU’s ‘Driving Innovations in Crisis Management for European Resilience’ (DRIVER) project. Harrowing scenes are being simulated in Braunschweig on those days. A major flood has covered a wide area around the Tankumsee, a lake near Gifhorn; surrounding roads are also affected and people are stranded in the water. But during this practice, the flood only exists in a digital form on the screens of the Air Traffic Validation Center – U-FLY – operated by the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR). This is where a crisis management centre has been set up for the test campaign…






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