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Manage Stress by Knowing What You Value…and more

Japan floods: Two dead, at least 25 missing as more rivers burst banks in northern provinces

Heavy rain continued early Friday, threatening to worsen conditions in the wake of Typhoon Etau which smashed through the country earlier this week, bringing strong winds and causing travel chaos. Kyodo news agency reported the banks of the Shibui River in the city of Osaki had collapsed and flooded houses nearby, while the city of Sendai had issued an evacuation advisory to more than 400,000 people after the Nanakitagawa River flooded. Both are in Miyagi prefecture…


We Asked an Expert What the 2015 El Niño Will Mean for Australia

el nino 2015The largest El Niño event in close to two decades is currently developing in the Pacific Ocean. In technical weather terms, this means an increase in Pacific water temperature is slowing down trade winds along the equator, affecting the way weather patterns move around the globe. And for people in Australia, this could mean a hot summer with less rain. As the Bureau of Meteorology reported, these are the most serious El Niño conditions since 1997. But what that means, and what we can expect, is kind of hazy. So we got in touch with climate expert and CSIRO chief research scientist, Dr Wenju Cai, to find out…


Manage Stress by Knowing What You Value

Much has been written about “stress management” techniques that are primarily behavioral in nature — such as getting adequate sleep, regular exercise, and mental downtime; taking vacation; doing controlled breathing; practicing yoga or mindfulness meditation; or getting acupuncture treatments. But relatively little has been written recently on the benefits of self-disciplined articulation…



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