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Japanese city of Joso floods…and more

Do feel-good slogans like ‘Resilient New Orleans’ and ‘Boston Strong’ mask income inequality?

i_am_not_resilient_signBostonians, in the aftermath of the Marathon bombing, like to remind themselves that Boston is Strong. A similar sentiment is echoed hundreds of miles to the south in New Orleans 10 years after Hurricane Katrina. Its slogan is Resilient New Orleans…


Japanese city of Joso floods as more than 100,000 evacuated under heavy rain

The Japanese city of Joso has flooded after a raging river burst its banks, destroying homes and cars as desperate residents waited for help and more than 100,000 were forced to evacuate.

Key points:

  • Typhoon Etau made landfall in Aichi Prefecture on Wednesday
  • Kinugawa river has broken its banks in Joso city, north of Tokyo
  • Emergency weather warnings have been issued in two prefectures near Tokyo
  • Etau has left more than a dozen people injured, one missing

A further 800,000 people across eastern Japan have been advised to evacuate after officials issued predawn warnings of unusually harsh rainfall to 5 million people…


Watch NASA Explain Why We Should All Be Worried About Greenland’s Melting Ice Sheet

NASA scientists are worried about Greenland. Its ice sheet is three times the size of Texas and a mile deep on average. The only place with more of the world’s ice is Antarctica. But Greenland is warming twice as fast as Antarctica, NASA says. This rapid melting is raising global sea levels at an alarming rate—even faster than expected. That’s why NASA scientists are “monitoring Greenland’s ice sheet from high up in space to the ocean floor below to provide data for scientists studying the global impact of all its melting ice.” Canaries were more sensitive to carbon monoxide levels than humans in a coal mine…




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