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Treating migrants like natural disasters ‘dehumanizing’…and more

Treating migrants like natural disasters ‘dehumanizing’

Society tends to associate migrants with words such as “influx,” “occupation,” “invasion” and “flood,” all of which echo the discourse used in natural disasters, according to a scholar. “By doing that we forget the fact they are human beings escaping tragedies, or trying to find a safer future for themselves and for their families,” said Professor Ayhan Kaya, who recently edited a book on Turkey’s history of migration from the 14th to the 21st centuries…


Coming disaster to ‘make Katrina look like Disney World’

hurricane_katrinaTen years ago, those who lived through the nightmare of Hurricane Katrina learned how fragile civilization really is. Calm suburbia one day, and gang-controlled no man’s land the next. But now some are warning another disaster is inevitable – and Americans are not prepared. Manny Edwards, an emergency preparedness and security consultant and the host of “Survival Tips” on WND TV, says it is “for sure” the country will see something like Katrina again. “And the next time it happens,” he warns, “it will make Katrina look like Disney World.” Following Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago, civil order in the city of New Orleans broke down, with widespread looting and property destruction. Heavily armed street gangs actually invaded the city and terrorized residents before order was restored, drawing comparisons to Iraq. One military analyst on Fox even alleged New Orleans police officers were complicit in the looting…


Developing cyber security resilience in focus

Considering the recent surge in cyber-attacks, protection of critical networks and information has become a major global concern, according to experts. From being featured in UN General Assembly meeting to Premiers of India, US and Singapore talking about it, cyber security is starting to top the agenda of national and regional priorities…



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