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Security Think Tank: Resiliency is the single most effective response to cyber attacks

Finance concept: Pixelated multicolor Head With Padlock icons on Digital background, 3d render

Finance concept: Pixelated multicolor Head With Padlock icons on Digital background, 3d render

With cyber attacks – and their high-profile news reports – on the rise, companies have gradually begun to realise the extent of the imminent threat cyber crime presents. Senior managers are taking an interest in the potential impact on the business, particularly in terms of reputation, resiliency, and financial or regulatory consequences. It is no surprise that a recent Accenture survey draws a picture of managerial concern, if not alarm…


Eurozone Business Activity Proves Resilient to Global Uncertainty

Investors in the Eurozone have been expecting positive economic news from the area. The ECB’s (European Central Bank’s) bond-buying program, intended to spur economic activity in the Eurozone, boost inflation, and rescue the economy from deflation, has been in effect since March this year…


New Orleans Tells the Story of Resilience After Disaster

Ten years ago last week, teachers in schools across New Orleans were prepping their classrooms in anticipation of the first day of school. The New Orleans Saints faced off against the Atlantic Seahawks in their first pre-season matchup at the Superdome. The Prince Hall Shriners, the fraternal and charitable group best known for buzzing around in little cars during Mardi Gras, donned their clown garb and makeup at their annual convention. It was business as usual for the city, a city that in more ways than not, was like any other global city at the time: a web of complex systems and interrelated challenges built up over decades…



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