Resilience News

82 Percent of Businesses Will Experience Cyber-Attacks

Nigeria is a member of the global society and the country cannot be separated from the opportunities and threats of globalisation. Following the pervasiveness in the use of information technology globally, many organisations in Nigeria are leveraging the internet to transact and interact with customers, employees, suppliers and partners. The internet has become imperative to address our collective capacity to respond to the inevitability of…


Obama Unveils Effort for Community Climate Resilience During Visit to Kotzebue

Obama and dogAn Arctic conference in Anchorage, hiking glaciers in Seward, and getting hands-on with salmon in Bristol Bay — all a prelude to President Barack Obama’s final stops on his tour of Alaska. The president ended his three-day tour of Alaska on Wednesday with visits along the western coast — first in Dillingham and then Kotzebue, where he officially unveiled new initiatives aimed at helping Alaska’s rural villages cope with climate change in the fast-thawing Arctic…


New Orleans Tells the Story of Resilience After Disaster

Ten years ago last week, teachers in schools across New Orleans were prepping their classrooms in anticipation of the first day of school. The New Orleans Saints faced off against the Atlantic Seahawks in their first pre-season matchup at the Superdome. The Prince Hall Shriners, the fraternal and charitable group best known for buzzing around in little cars during Mardi Gras, donned…



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