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The secret to New Orleans’ comeback

For America’s Gulf Coast, the last decade has been a story of recovery and resilience unlike any other. Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina and the federal levee failure decimated a whole city. Last week, alongside Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, philanthropic leaders and members of Congress, I was honored to return to New Orleans to mark the city’s revival and learn from the community’s story of resilience…


FIRE in Action provides apt resiliency training to students

personal resilience fireThirty local high school and middle school students, along with their parents, recently participated in a resiliency event at the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division obstacle course. The event offered teens the chance to complete four stations with physical and mental challenges designed to enhance personal and group resiliency skills…


‘Attitude of resilience’ helped create Demo Diva

ow many times in life do we have to start over? How many times do we have to reinvent ourselves just to survive? Hurricane Katrina washed through my house, my city and my life. In the blink of an eye, the comfortable routine I had known was over. The high-heeled world of a party planner came crashing down. My home was flooded. I lost my job. No neighbors. No friends nearby. Everyone had evacuated elsewhere. My city was devastated. Everything was turned upside down…




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