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A Photojournalist Reflects on His Katrina Experience

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Clarence Williams came to New Orleans to shoot a cousin’s wedding and wound up getting evacuated by helicopter from the rooftop of his uncle’s flooded home. He came right back and got to work, capturing these scenes of the city where he now lives…


Oceans Will Rise Much More Than Predicted, NASA Says

rotating-globe_ngsversion_1440705563934Year by year, millimeter by millimeter, the seas are rising. Fed by melting glaciers and ice sheets, and swollen by thermal expansion of water as the planet warms, the world’s oceans now on average are about eight inches higher than a century ago. And this sea change is only getting started. The question is: How much higher will they go?…


Cyclones, snow and sun: winter in Queensland had it all

It was the season that temporarily transformed the Sunshine State into a winter wonderland. But despite an ongoing Antarctic blast that brought the highest snowfalls in more than 30 years in July, Queensland’s winter overall was mostly warmer and drier than average according to seasonal statistics released by the Bureau of Meteorology. “Averaged across the state, both mean maximum and mean minimum temperatures were warmer than usual during winter,” the bureau said in its winter climate summary, released on Tuesday…


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