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The Neurobiology of Resilience

What makes one person more resilient to stress than another? How do some people seemingly take even extreme stress in stride while others succumb to depression or anxiety disorders when faced with trauma or tragedy? Might differences in brain structure or function explain it?These are questions that have been tackled by social scientists for decades, resulting in a fairly comprehensive description of the kinds of emotional and behavioral characteristics that tend to describe a “stress-resilient” person–things like optimism, a strong social support system, an ability to find purpose in life, or a grounding in faith or spirituality. A “glass-half-full” kind of person…


Erika could still cause flooding in Florida; Hawaii watches Ignacio

Erika_pictuerwErika is no longer a tropical storm, but could still bring heavy rains and spark flooding as it heads to Florida from the Caribbean, the National Hurricane Center said Saturday. Gov. Rick Scott urged residents to remain vigilant even though Erika has weakened. “That is encouraging news, but (it) doesn’t mean we stop watching this weather system,” said Scott after receiving an update on the remnants of Erika from the National Hurricane Center Saturday…


Ten Years Later, The Salvation Army Continues to Serve People of the Gulf Coast

The Salvation Army continues to be a source of hope, stability and service to the residents of the Gulf Coast ten years after the most active and expensive hurricane season in U.S. history. With a presence in every ZIP code in America, The Salvation Army was uniquely positioned to support survivors during and immediately after the storm, and for years following…



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