World Resilience NEWS

Designnobis proposes pop-up disaster relief shelter for earthquake-affected families

pop up shelterTurkish creative consultancy Designnobis has devised a temporary shelter that could be easily transported and quickly assembled to house those displaced by natural disasters (+ slideshow). Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis created the Tentative shelter after noticing the lack of available temporary housing following earthquakes in his native Turkey. He was also spurred by the statistic that natural disasters displaced 22 million people in 2013 – three times more than war…


Typhoon Goni ravages Philippines, heads towards Japan, as thousands evacuated in Taiwan

A weakened Typhoon Goni is heading towards Japan after leaving at least 10 people dead in the northern Philippines and causing thousands to be evacuated in Taiwan. By Sunday afternoon the storm was 240 kilometres east of Taiwan’s capital Taipei and was moving north at 30 kilometres per hour, the island’s Central Weather Bureau said. The Philippines was hit hardest by the storm, which triggered landslides and floods — killing at least 10 and leaving 17 missing in the north of the main island of Luzon…


Pacific Nations drowning under rising sea

Rising seas levels have threatened the very existence of two low-lying Pacific Island nations. Scientists say that Kiribati and Tuvalu, both a little over a meter above sea level, are in grave danger of disappearing in the coming decades if a global pact against greenhouse gases fails. Failure is not a fallback position, it is not an option, we cannot have it as an option. We must get success,’ Tuvalu prime minister Enele Sopoaga told the ABC.’We may be able to run away, we may be able to purchase land in other places, maybe Australia, New Zealand.’But that won’t stop climate change, it will not stop the cause of climate change. It will not assure the people of Tuvalu that they will be safe there…


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