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Nepal earthquake: How open data and social media helped the Nepalese to help themselves

The earthquake in Nepal in May exposed the national government’s unpreparedness to deal with the aftermath of a huge natural disaster, but it also gave rise to a movement of young Nepalese people with the skills required to help their country in its hour of need. A group of educated, tech-savvy men and women launched, a website that made up for the shortfall in official information in the immediate aftermath of the quake…


Compounding Tragedy, FEMA Fails To Adapt To Climate Change

During tropical storm Irene in 2011, small streams roared like gigantic fire hoses, washing away or severely damaging hundreds of bridges and culverts across Vermont, including Fay Brook Bridge, which had stood for more than 80 years in a narrow valley outside this tiny village. “Mother Nature is powerful,” says David Indenbaum, an emergency room doctor who lives up a steep slope near the bridge, over what is usually a gentle brook. “It was incredible. I never thought something like that could happen.” With the old bridge out of commission, Indenbaum’s 40-minute commute to Central Vermont Medical Center, in the town of Berlin, grew by as…


Ecuador Declares National State of Emergency as Volcano Erupts

ECUADOREcuador’s government declared a nationwide state of emergency Saturday to prepare for a possible major eruption of a snow-capped volcano south of the nation’s capital, Quito. The decree, which includes suspending some constitutional rights and banning media from publishing unauthorized information, will allow the government to redirect budgeted funds for a possible emergency and prevent rumors from inciting panic, President Rafael Correa said in his weekly television and radio address to the nation. The measures will last up to 60 days…


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