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What Are Resilient Communities?

Today, we live in an era in which economic, environmental, social, and cultural changes can create new realities overnight. Imagine three different scenarios. In the first, an earthquake strikes the developing world (as has happened in Haiti and Indonesia), destroying homes, roads, hospitals, schools, stores, electricity lines, and water sanitation systems, leaving hundreds of people homeless, without access to shelter, clean drinking water, food, energy, and healthcare. In the second scenario, imagine an economic boom due to rapid industrial growth (such as in the Silicon Valley’s technology sector or a new mine development in a rural community in Chile), which results in new jobs and economic and social development…


First-Ever Multifamily Safety Kit Released

ready-to-respond-infographic-featured1-300x161The Ready to Respond: Disaster Staffing Toolkit includes videos, guides, worksheets, and checklists to assist housing organizations with allocating staff to disaster response roles, participate in crucial planning tasks, test the strength of their plan with a simulated disaster scenario, and fulfill ongoing maintenance. Developed in partnership with 12 leading community development corporations (CDCs) from New York and New Jersey as part of the Enterprise Recovery and Rebuilding program, the toolkit is based…


Public Input Gathered in Resilience Competition

‘It’s more than rebuilding – it’s about making our community better.’ That was the message Minot City Manager Lee Staab drove home tonight during the public input meeting for the Natural Disaster Resilience Competition. It’s also the message he hopes the application will drive home for Housing and Urban Development officials who will be deciding how much money Minot will receive in the competition. Now narrowed to 40 cities nationwide, Minot is the smallest left in the competition. This marked the 14th public input meeting…


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