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Remain Seconds Ahead of Natural Disasters With a Personal Seismograph

BrincoAre you worried about that the terrifying earthquake that has a one in three chance of destroying the Pacific Northwest coastline in the next 50 years? Or maybe you were anxious reading news of the recent earthquakes in Nepal (the 7.8 magnitude earthquake caused over 8,000 deaths and over 17,000 casualties)? Brinco is a smart earthquake…


Stop meddling in Far North Queensland insurance: Suncorp

The head of Queensland’s biggest insurer, Suncorp Group, has warned the federal government to stop meddling in the disaster-prone Far North Queensland’s insurance market or risk wasting taxpayers’ money by entering the insurance sector. Patrick Snowball, chief executive of Suncorp Group, lambasted the idea of making the Commonwealth an insurer of last resort, arguing that it opens up the door to losing taxpayer funds…


View on Migration: Cuban Lessons for Disaster

Natural disasters forced 19 million people to flee their homes in 2014 — and climate change is set to increase this number. That’s the conclusion of a report published last month by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC). [1] With people estimated to be 60 per cent more likely to be displaced by disasters today than they were in the 1970s, what can vulnerable countries do to better prepare themselves? Turn to Cuba, recommends William Lacy Swing, director-general of the International Organization for Migration, in a Reuters article on the report.

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