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FEMA’s New Data Viz Tool Helps Communities Understand the Risk and Impact of Disasters

FEMA dataFEMA just launched a new data visualization tool aimed at help communities better understand the risk and impact of disasters. The tool charts historical disaster declaration data reaching back to 1953, giving a clear, county-specific picture of the type of disasters that have struck and how much FEMA spent on assistance. With this knowledge, communities can be better prepared for the unexpected and put their focus where it matters most…


Resilience key to beating the bullies

BUILDING resilience was the focus of a speech by Success resident Adam Przytula at a recent Wanneroo Business Association event. The Armed for Life founder said he was passionate about developing people’s resilience, having endured bullying while he was at high school. “The seed for Armed for Life was planted because of my own experience,” he said at the July 15 event in Mindarie. Mr Przytula said while he was studying to become a teacher, he noticed high school students who reminded him of himself and he started talking to groups about bullying and self-esteem. “There were some big hurdles that I faced with Armed for Life,” he said. Mr Przytula said he had to work four jobs when he started developing the program, and was still juggling two jobs, but remained passionate about his work…


‘Empower the marginalised to ensure success of climate plan’

New Delhi: Several civil society groups have batted for empowerment of the most marginalised sections to ensure success of the country’s proposed climate action plan — Intended Nationally Designated Contributions (INDCs)…




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