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Olympics organizers release details of insurance plans

Leaders of Boston’s bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics released details Thursday about insurance proposals they say will provide unprecedented coverage for Massachusetts taxpayers. The Boston 2024 bid committee released a document that described at least eight types of insurance it promises to purchase to minimize the risk to taxpayers in the event of unanticipated costs. The private organization has estimated the insurance will cost about $128 million, which it said it would pay for fully. Items covered by the insurance policies include:…


Empowering women against natural disasters

Holding a makeshift soil leveler with one hand, directing her peers with the other, Sima Rani Das stood ankle-deep in mud along the roadside. “Everybody make sure to drink water,” she said, as the sun had reached its zenith and the temperature was up in the 30s. About 25 women were fortifying a road-cum-embankment, built to prevent flooding and support a road in Rampur village….


Evacuation plea ignored: Qld flood victim

grantham1A man who lost most of his family in the deadly 2011 Grantham floods insists he was hidden away from media afterward because his earlier pleas to evacuate the small Queensland town were ignored.Rural firefighter Danny McGuire told the Grantham Floods Commission of Inquiry on Friday he spent the two days leading up to the most devastating flood on January 10 rescuing people and towing cars that had become stuck in floodwaters.It prompted him to ask Group Officer Stuart Damrow whether mandatory evacuations should be enforced…




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