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 Lessons from a disaster zone

Nepal has been a focus for climate change investment for decades and for targeted, relatively large-budget, disaster risk reduction programming since the Hyogo World Conference on Disaster Reduction in 2005. Crudely put, this investment went to people predicting doom from the sky, when what has beset Nepal came from under their very feet. Reflecting on the past three months since the earthquake I have two major observations. The first is that we question too much whether a community or household is resilient to different disasters when we should simply ask: “How strong is their natural resilience?” Nepalese are resilient and I think there are some uncomfortable realities to this…


Resilience rules with big moves at 100 Resilient Cities, AECOM

If you thought resilience was just another sustainability buzzword, right about now probably would be a good time to reconsider. This month’s installment of Names in the News, our monthly column capturing the names and faces behind the headlines in sustainable business, is all about adaptation. From a new European focus for the Rockefeller-backed 100 Resilient Cities to a White House veteran jumping into private sector climate adaptation, the rush to build more cities and companies able to withstand shocks linked to climate, supply chain instability or social turmoil is increasingly evident in the…


Risk Must Be Personalized

first aid boxEmergency preparedness isn’t about three days of water or extra batteries for your flashlight. If it were, we could stop investing in emergency preparedness campaigns and put the money toward buying 72-hour kits for every person in America. But we don’t, because that won’t make our communities more disaster resilient…



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