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Can your city survive the apocalypse?

The destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina was heralded as a wake-up call for the U.S., a catastrophe that illustrated the scale of the threat from natural disasters, and the inadequacy of preparations. But for all the earnest talk of ‘learning lessons’ that followed, no grand reform agenda was put in place to revitalize a city that remains devastated and deeply vulnerable. Hamstrung by its position — much of New Orleans sits below sea level — ancient infrastructure and widespread poverty, the next disaster could be the city’s last. Hurricane Sandy underlined the urgency by ruthlessly exposing New York’s structural weaknesses, paralyzing power, water and transport networks as the lights went off across Manhattan. California also suffered as historic droughts settled in, and the 2014 wave of winter storms terrorized the North, emphasizing that extreme…


Center for Disaster Resilience Issues “Building Blocks for National Resilience Assessment”

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Center for Disaster Resilience(link is external) took steps toward developing a national-scale resilience methodology with the release of the “Building Blocks for a National Resilience Assessment” study. The study reviews existing literature and consults resilience experts to extract best practices and conduct a national-level assessment of resilience. Additionally, the study demonstrates why a multi-component framework for resilience…


The surprising way Goldman Sachs employees maintain their ‘competitive edge’

In 2009, during the throes of the financial crisis, Goldman Sachs made a key change to its employee wellness programming. Instead of focusing exclusively on traditional stress management, the company also started teaching employees a new skill that would help them cope in trying times: resilience. Now, resiliency programming, which includes lectures and one-on-one coaching, happens year-round at Goldman Sachs offices across the globe. Overall, more than 5,500 employees participated last year. Managers undergo resiliency training on a quarterly basis, and every other year the company holds “Resilience Week,” in which keynote speakers present on topics like happiness…


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