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When life hands you peppers: why adaptability and resilience are the spices of life

tabascoMy grasp of history isn’t the tightest, even at the best of times, which is why I so often find myself doomed to relive it. If you’re like me then you probably thought that Vikings really did wear horned helmets (they didn’t – it’s a dumb idea to give your enemy something they can grab onto that is actually strapped to your head); that Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of Coventry (she didn’t – no historical records exist of this event); that Napoleon was a real short-arse (he wasn’t so short – the French used different units and in fact he stood a towering 5’ 7”); that Romans had a room called a “vomitorium” where they’d retire to throw up mid-meal (they didn’t – the word refers…


Stop selling ‘resilience’ as panacea to the poor and marginalised

Governments, their instruments, not-for-profits and charities are selling ‘resilience’ to the poor and the most vulnerable. There is as if an endlessness of programs and services around resilience building – the asking of the poor, the vulnerable, the homeless to ‘tough it out’. In fact it’s a demanding of the poor to accept their lot because for the majority of them there is next-to-nothing else. Contextually, there is little else. The reality is governments do not spend on improving the lot of our most vulnerable…


Greece: A Lesson in Resilience

Greeks are facing tough times. Capital controls and closed banks mean many are struggling to get by. Yet despite continuing to be on the verge of collapse, Greeks are surviving. Bloomberg visited one man to find how he, and his business, keep going…


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