World Resilience NEWS

GET REAL: Of disasters and predictions

ONE TIME THE LEVEL of seismic activity we recently experienced would have inspired a sizeable number of predictions and prophetic statements. Now, not nearly a buzz from the Hotline to Heaven. It could be because pastors with the prophetic gift are weary of casting the pearls before swine. After not being taken seriously before, they may have decided to only share the new Armageddon schedule with their congregation. Hopefully, the memory of previously prophesied dates of doom that never happened, will not cause us to miss out on a real real weather advisory from the Met Office on high. Bad weather is like a bomb planted in a public space. In the aftermath of the explosion you can get a bunch of terrorist groups claiming…


No, We Aren’t Heading Into a “Mini Ice Age”

no mini ice ageRecent headlines are warning that the Earth will enter into a “mini ice age” in about 20 years because the sun is heading towards a period of very low output. Here’s why this scenario is extremely unlikely. Wouldn’t it be great if scientists could make their minds up? One minute they’re telling us our planet is warming up due to human activity and we run the risk of potentially devastating environmental change. Next, they’re warning that the Earth is heading for a mini ice age in the next 15 years. The latter headline has its roots in a recent press release from the UK’s National Astronomy Meeting that reported on a study…


CDB approves US$2.37 million in grant assistance for Haiti catastrophe risk insurance

The board of directors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved grant assistance of US$2,377,250 to the government of Haiti to meet the country’s insurance premium for coverage provided by the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF) for the 2015-2016 hurricane season…


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