World Resilience NEWS

In A Disaster, This Device Lets People Communicate Without A Cell Signal, Wi-Fi, Or Power

cools techIn the wake of the massive earthquake in Nepal, as power went out, cell towers crumbled, and internet connections disappeared, a few people turned to ham radio to send messages about missing victims. A team of Danish designers argue that they have a better solution for communication in disasters: A simple solar-powered device that uses a mesh network to send signals person to person even if phone lines and power are cut…


Mongolia: Collaboration agreement to deliver inclusive resilient growth signed by City of Ulaanbaatar and Ecological Sequestration Trust

London – The Mayor and Governor of Ulaanbaatar, Bat-Üül Erdene and Professor Peter Head CBE, Founder and Chief Executive of UK charity The Ecological Sequestration Trust (The Trust) and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in the presence of Prime Minister Chimed Saikhanbileg of Mongolia, to work in partnership delivering smart, resilient and sustainable development for the people of Mongolia…


The future of disaster risk reduction and resilience in Africa

Addis Ababa: Africa is confronted by a range of natural and human-induced hazards and associated risks and disasters. Poverty, climate change, livelihood insecurity, and unplanned urbanization are among the drivers of risk influencing the level of resilience of people, communities, countries, and assets and amplifying the impacts of disasters on the continent. Despite global and regional efforts to address disasters and disaster risks, the human and economic costs of disasters have been increasing. It is in this context that Africa participated in the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction(link is external)…


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