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nepali resilienceHumanitarian disaster: Boost Nepali resilience

About 9,000 lives have been lost to the devastating earthquake in Nepal on April 25 and the powerful aftershock on May 12. A conference in Kathmandu on June 25 will bring Nepal together with its international partners to build the country back better and safer. Nepal’s challenge is immense. The aim must be to create a more resilient Nepal and to target support at those most in need…


Professor studies how communities cope with and recover from catastrophe

Chris Zobel, a professor of business information technology in the Pamplin College of Business, studies disaster resilience, or the ability to “bounce back” from a calamity typically associated with making a quick recovery but also depends on the capability to resist the disaster’s initial impact…


Awards scheme honours resilience efforts

Applications are now open for this year’s Resilient Australia Awards, which recognise and promote projects to strengthen community disaster resilience. There will be three national awards this year, including a new category for schools, and a photography prize for pictures that show disaster resilience work. The awards are open to individuals, non-profit organisations, businesses, local and state government, schools and other education institutions, research bodies and emergency services. The federal Attorney-General’s Department sponsors the Resilient Australia Awards in conjunction with participating states and territories…


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