World Resilience NEWS

In charted territory: Mapping Philippines’ streets to save lives

The Philippines is a country that gets hit regularly by natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes. With new technologies, local communities are starting to realise the importance of mapping their localities to save lives. When Typhoon Haiyan first hit the Philippines, volunteers from the online mapping community, Open Street Map, rallied together to map the areas affected by the typhoon. At risk areas and potential access points were immediately identified to help disaster response agencies…


An ASEAN Nuclear Crisis Centre: Preparing For Technological Disaster In Southeast Asia – Analysis

As some Southeast Asian countries consider using nuclear energy, the region should now be preparing a regional nuclear emergency response, incorporating technological and nuclear emergencies into its disaster management framework…


Creating a mindset of resilience

cyber-security-laptop-shutterstock257102191-crop-600x338The past year has taught us that just about anyone—any organization or individual, of any size or global standing—is susceptible to a cyber attack. The frequency and severity of data breaches continues to mount and at the same time, the nature of cyber security and technical solutions is evolving rapidly in an effort to respond. For businesses, staying abreast of the threats is challenging enough, let alone sourcing the right solutions…



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