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Nature’s Aftermath: The zoo animals of the Tbilisi flood

As clean up continued in the capital city of Tbilisi, Georgia from severe flooding that killed 12 people, attention shifted to recovering all of the animals that escaped from the city’s zoo during the deluge. None of the fatalities were due to attacks by the escaped animals but three of the deaths were zoo workers. None of the fatalities were due to attacks by the escaped animals but three of the deaths were zoo workers…


Australia faces stormy future as temperatures soar

Flash flood in Toowoomba
Flash flood in Toowoomba

New research into storm patterns warns that flash floods are likely to sweep across the Australian landscape with increasing intensity, particularly in urban or residential areas. Peak rainfall is predicted to soar with rising surface temperatures as the world’s largest island – and also its smallest continent − experiences ever greater extremes of heat…


Georgia declares national day of mourning after devastating flood hits Tbilisi

At least a dozen people are dead and many more missing after severe flooding in the Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. Heavy rain and strong winds turned a stream into a raging torrent. It badly damaged roads and buildings, everything in its path. Homes have been left unrecognisable, with residents shocked and bewildered. “In this small street alone, five people are dead. Three houses are completely washed out and everyone is affected,” said Lamara Zumburidze. “I can’t repair this damage on my own. I don’t know where to sit, where to lay, what to do.” The city’s zoo was also engulfed. Tigers, lions, bears, wolves and a hippopotamus were among more than 30 animals that escaped…

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