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India's heatwave has hit vulnerable members of the public such as street children particularly hard.  Source:
India’s heatwave has hit vulnerable members of the public such as street children particularly hard.

India among the top 10 most natural disaster prone countries for insurance firms

India ranks among the top 10 countries when it comes to natural disaster risks according to Bajaj Allianz. And with natural disasters like the Jammu & Kashmir floods, Uttarakhand landslides, cyclone HudHud becoming more frequent, the firm believe that India’s ranking in flood risk may increase further…


Viewpoint: Community resilience before and after a disaster

A community’s resilience, its ability to bounce back after disaster, is an important indicator of the readiness of its citizens for emergencies. In the last 20 years our community’s resilience has been tested frequently by hurricanes. The names Ivan, Opal, Dennis, Erin and Georges are among those frequently mentioned by long-term residents when talking about our community’s ability to recover from a hurricane. Hurricane Ivan tested our community’s ability to bounce back like no other in recent memory…


Natural disasters kill 123 in May

Natural disasters left 123 people dead, 15 missing and affected more than 20 million people across China in May, according to government statistics. The disasters caused about 21.7 billion yuan (about 3.5 billion US dollars) in direct economic losses. More than 518,000 residents were relocated and over 354,000 needed emergency assistance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said on Tuesday. Some 293,000 houses were damaged and 27,000 collapsed, it added. The natural disasters included rainstorms, floods, hail and drought. The ministry said more than 70 percent of the economic damage in the month was caused by flooding…


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