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5 Ways to Build the Resilience You Need to Succeed

tony starkThe Boston Red Sox. Robert Downey Jr. Martha Stewart. Everyone loves a good comeback story. Perhaps the most famous example in the business world is Steve Jobs, who was forced out of Apple — the company he founded — in 1985. He was 30 years old, and as he said at the time, “What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it was devastating. … I was a very public failure.” But he returned in 1997, and his resilience propelled him to lead Apple to unprecedented success…


Is Malaysia prepared for the next natural disaster?

I read with utter sadness about the lives lost on Mount Kinabalu during the recent Sabah earthquake. What began as a trip of a lifetime for some had their life journey ended at the mountain. It is indeed terrifying to know how lives are lost within just a few seconds of calamity. As we wait for the official report from the Meteorological Department as to why the earthquake had taken place, social media and the press have been speculating the reasons that caused the earth to tremble…


Indonesia, the ‘disaster laboratory’ – Study

Indonesia is extremely vulnerable to natural disasters, such that the country is known as the ‘disasters laboratory’. Why? Because Indonesia lies within the so-called Ring of Fire and in an active section of the crust of the earth, where the Pacific Plate meets many surrounding plates. Those tectonic plates collide and cause movement of Indonesia’s dynamic region…


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