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Report: building climate resilience essential to business survival



A new report argues that businesses need to begin building their climate resilience if they are to survive in the future. The paper explains that $200 billion (£130bn) of investments will be needed each year globally to combat $1 trillion (£650bn) of losses from climate impacts within the next two decades…



Invest in local people to build their resilience

I have been coming to Southern Africa and witnessing many changes here for more than three decades. My first visit coincided with those heady days following Madiba’s release and the birth of the “rainbow nation”. The air was thick with glory and hope of newborn liberty. Nothing looked impossible; old challenges presented new opportunities for change. So much has changed since; so much for the better. Yet livelihoods, livestock and ways of life seem still to wait for their fair share…


UN General Assembly endorses global disaster risk plan

The head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, Margareta Wahlström, today welcomed the UN General Assembly’s endorsement of a new global plan to reduce deaths and injuries, the numbers of people affected and economic losses arising from disasters…



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