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Be alert to contractor scams following natural disasters

With the recent flooding in the Houston area, there are scam artists posing as legitimate contractors who want to cheat you out of your money. These “fly-by-night” operators often show up in communities impacted by natural disasters to try to scam distressed home owners into paying for shoddy repairs or work that they will never show up to perform. Here are some warning signs to look out for:..


The Best Disaster Relief Fosters Independence

Nepal, Kathmandu, prayer flags at Bodnath stupa at dawn
Nepal, Kathmandu, prayer flags at Bodnath stupa at dawn

It’s quiet in Kathmandu these days. For the last 20 years the city has been overpopulated with tourists and guest workers, all of whom have left, so it’s emptier. But it’s more than that. The quiet relates to a sense of fear. I feel fear from everyone here: young, old, male, female, regardless of background or social standing. It shows itself in different ways…


Lessons in human dignity, resilience

Back from Nepal after a 10-day stint in the earthquake-torn Nepal, the volunteers of the Human Care Foundation spoke with reverence about the dignity and sheer resilience of people of this hilly nation. The 19-member disaster relief team led by the secretary of the foundation, K.M. Najeeb, worked in extremely remote regions of the country where most other relief teams could not reach. They went to Nepal a week after the earthquake, by which time people had started returning to routine. Dr. Nazeer from Vadakara recalled how people behaved with self-esteem at the face of disaster…


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