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Trauma psychologist Dr Rob Gordon compares emotional impact of Mr Fluffy to natural disaster

The emotional impact of the Mr Fluffy crisis on Canberra residents who will lose their homes has been likened to emotions felt following a natural disaster. Demolition of the first of more than 1,000 homes contaminated with Mr Fluffy loose-fill asbestos started in Canberra at the beginning of June. In an interview with 666 ABC Canberra, clinical and trauma psychologist Dr Rob Gordon spoke about the mental health impact on Canberra residents…


India’s Recent Heat Wave Was Absolutely Brutal

india heat waveIndia is known for becoming a sweltering furnace in May, but last month was exceptionally brutal, with temperatures hovering 10 degrees Fahrenheit above normal for nearly two weeks. By June 4th, the heat wave had claimed over 2,500 lives, making it the fifth deadliest in recorded history. Roads melted in New Delhi as temperatures hit 113 degrees Fahrenheit and stayed there for days on end. Other parts of the country were nearly seven degrees hotter. Even in the mountain town of Mussoorie over 2,000 meters above sea level, residents felt the temperature climb to an unprecedented 97 degrees…


How to prepare your IT environment for unexpected events

Most business leaders believe their disaster recovery measures are adequate, but fail to comprehend the full scale of possible events and their repercussions. Businesses should therefore re-examine their disaster recovery plans regularly. If companies assume that a disaster or failure is inevitable, and take into account the things they don’t know or can’t prepare for, it can spell the difference between surviving a disaster and being destroyed by it…


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