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Heat now second-largest natural killer of Indians, toll crosses 2,000

An Indian man takes bath under a tap of a water tanker on a hot day in Ahmedabad. (AP Photo)
An Indian man takes bath under a tap of a water tanker on a hot day in Ahmedabad. (AP Photo)

In India’s natural death trap, the sun is the second biggest killer after water and its victims have increased by over 60% in the last decade as thousands die because of ineffective heat management plans by the government. National Crime Records Bureau data shows a searing heat wave has clocked the highest toll in 15 years, killing over 2,000 people. In fact, the number of victims was more than double than that in 2003 and a long-term analysis revealed the lives claimed by India’s sizzling summers have been steadily rising. Between 2005 and 2015, the highest number of deaths was reported in 2012 when the toll was the maximum among all natural disasters…


Children the most vulnerable to impacts of climate change, doctors say

The sick, the elderly and the young have long been identified as vulnerable to extreme weather events and climate change. But a new report by independent health advocacy organisation Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA), suggests children and paediatric health services could be most at risk. It calls for a commitment to strong targets and leadership in the upcoming global climate negotiations in Paris, a transition to renewable energy, curtailment of fossil fuel burning and a national climate change adaptation plan to be implemented across every state and territory…


Orange angels from the SES

This photo’s important to me because it reminds me how amazing and helpful the SES were during the storm, not just this particular situation, but I saw what they did around our area. Without them people would have been in a lot of trouble and I would have been in a difficult situation. It was in the car, and the car was buffeting and being rocked by the wind, and the rain was coming sideways, and I was sitting in the car, wondering how I was going to get home…


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