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Terrawatch: The enemy below

The Chaiten volcano in Chile erupting in May 2008. Photograph: Daniel Basualto/AP
The Chaiten volcano in Chile erupting in May 2008. Photograph: Daniel Basualto/AP

Back in April scientists announced that they had discovered a second gigantic magma chamber underneath Yellowstone national park. Big enough to fill up the Grand Canyon 11 times over, the chamber, which is full of non-erupting crystalline “mush”, was discovered by studying the reflection pattern of seismic waves. So how many other volcanoes might be hiding magma chambers underneath them?…


Driving Climate Action Through Resilient Supply Chains

Last week, we marked a significant milestone for business action on climate change. At the Business and Climate Summit, a two-day event during Paris Climate Week, French President François Hollande told a room full of CEOs and other leaders that “business would be key” to reaching a global climate agreement at the COP21 talks this December. During the same week, luxury giant and BSR member Kering announced that it would open-source its methodology for natural capital accounting, allowing other companies to identify the biggest environmental impacts in their operations and supply chains…


State of Disaster

As extreme weather marked by tornadoes and flooding continues to sweep across Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott has requested — and President Obama has granted — federal help. I don’t begrudge Texas billions of dollars in disaster relief. After all, we’re all part of America. When some of us are in need, we all have a duty to respond. But the flow of federal money poses a bit of awkwardness for the Lone Star State…

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