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Rains That Caused Deadly Texas Floods Also Ended Historic Drought

With 23 people dead so far in Texas flooding, and more rain on the way, it is easy to overlook an important development: the deluge has nearly brought the end of a historic four-year drought. Many reservoirs are now at or near capacity. Underground aquifers are slowly being replenished. And lakes are filling up. As of Tuesday, just five percent of Texas, encompassing about 218,000 people in central and northern pockets of the state, was under moderate drought conditions, according to government data. That was before more rain hit those areas this week…


The unsettling

Mang Lando drives a tricycle in the Manila area. He used to live in the slums and was earning a living driving his three-wheeler. When his family was relocated and resettled in a designated site in General Trias, Cavite, he could not find a decent job. So he decided to pursue his old occupation driving a tricycle that transports people for short distances and along eskinitas (alleys). The population in the area guarantees his income…


Will Hull still exist in 100 years? Planners warn east coast residents may need to move

Aerial photograph showing Hull, Hull City FC and the Humber Bridge Photo: ALAMY

Aerial photograph showing Hull, Hull City FC and the Humber Bridge Photo: ALAMY

Entire communities living on the east coast of England may need to be moved ahead of rising sea levels, planners have warned as they questioned whether Hull will exist 100 years from now. Dr Hugh Ellis, head of policy at the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA), said councils with coastal populations needed to work together to relocate residents or improve defences to make sure their own individual schemes did make the problem worse neighbouring areas…



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