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How to Be More Resilient When Things Get Tough

IMAGE: Getty Images

IMAGE: Getty Images

It’s human nature to resist change–particularly when it comes in the form of adversity or challenges. But change is inevitable, and developing the trait of resilience helps us not only survive change, but also learn, grow, and thrive in it. Resilience is the capacity to cope with stress and adversity. It comes from believing in yourself and, at the same time, in something bigger than yourself. Resilience is not a trait that people are born with; it involves behaviors, thoughts, and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone…


APEC calls for heightened action to build disaster resilient communities

Boracay, the Philippines – In the wake of recent disasters in the Asia-Pacific, APEC officials call for greater commitment and a science-based approach to build safe and disaster resilient communities during a two-day APEC Emergency Preparedness Working Group meeting in Boracay…


Havens of Resilience

I am alive and thriving because of the resilience-building power of schools. When I was trained as a school social worker in the 1980s, no one was yet talking about resilience. But when I discovered the emerging resilience research in the early 1990s, I realized that I had overcome the significant wounds from my alcoholic, abusive, and violent home because of school. School was my haven, my solace, the alternate universe I stepped into most days with relief. School counteracted the trauma of the rest of my life…


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