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21 Ways to Live a Resilient Life

  1. maslacakRealize life is not a competition. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I agree. I have a great friend who is 6 feet tall, blonde, and could seriously be a Victoria’s Secret model. I’m 5 feet tall and not in the best shape of my life. If I took one second of my time comparing myself to her, it would rob us both of a great friendship and beyond that, it would slowly destroy my self-esteem. I know that what I bring to the table of life is amazing in my own way. There is only one of me out of billions of people. Why compare myself to anyone else when we are all so different, all needed here as much as the next person to make this crazy thing called life work? Enjoy who you are. Cherish what you have to offer to the world and stop comparing yourself in any way (i.e. looks, money, and material possessions) to anyone else…


The link between ageing and climate change

In Davos this year, leaders from around the world gathered to talk about risks such as interstate conflict, water crises, the spread of infectious diseases, cyberattacks and fiscal crises (as in the Global Risks Report 2015). While these are worthy and important issues, also worthy of consideration and examination is the compelling link between climate change and ageing – an intractable and long-term trend that could potentially impact our world for decades…


Maharashtra government to start disaster management programme for schools

Taking cue from the Centre’s National School Safety Programme, Maharashtra government has decided to roll out a disaster management programme in schools this year, under which teachers and students will be trained to deal with catastrophes like earthquakes and floods. An official from the state’s disaster management cell said that on a pilot basis, 200 schools in Pune and an equal number in Satara district have already received training on tackling natural calamities…



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