World Resilience NEWS

Resilience a key to healthy aging

roadmap to resilienceMeichenbaum, whose recent book is “Roadmap to Resilience: A Guide for Military, Trauma Victims and Their Families,” will pass around a handout on “Ways to Bolster Resilience in Older Populations” to attendees. While many individual have stereotyped notions about the elderly, Meichenbaum noted that most individuals age well and that the level of resiliency can be significantly improved…


Turia Pitt tells her story at Beef Australia 2015

A mining engineer who survived a horrific fire may not have seemed an obvious choice as a Beef Week guest speaker, but Turia Pitt captivated an audience of more than 600 at the Westpac Agribusiness High Tea as part of Beef Australia 2015. Ms Pitt told the guests she was surprised people found her interesting after the 2011 accident in Western Australia, which left her with burns to 65 per cent of her body. “I thought I was pretty interesting before that, to be honest,” she quipped…


Extreme climber admires Nepalese resilience

Italian climber Marco Confortola was up Mount Dhaulagiri when the Himalayan range shook on April 25th. His second ascent of the more than 8,000-metre super-peak [he has scaled eight of the world’s tallest] this time was to deliver recyclable supply containers. We talk to him back at home in Valfurva, in the Italian Alps. Confortola has survived many such climbs, but this was his first earthquake. “At first it wasn’t clear what was going on, then with the continuous tremor we realized it was an earthquake. Ten minutes later there was a strong shock and we understood the discharge of energy must have caused a disaster down in the valleys.”…




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