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A Massive Underwater Volcano Is Likely Erupting Off the Oregon Coast

underwater volcanoThis past week has seen the steady rumble of thousands of tiny earthquakes radiating from off the coast of Oregon. Coupled with a sudden 8 foot drop in the seafloor—indicative of magma being withdrawn from reservoirs deep underneath the seabed—it seems likely that a powerful volcanic eruption is underway, most likely courtesy of the Axial Seamount, a massive underwater volcano located about 250 miles offshore…


California wildfire concerns rise after drought kills 12.5m trees

An astonishing 12.5m trees have died in California, unable to survive a harsh fourth year of drought, according to a US government study. The news of the massive tree die-offs came this week, after the United States Forest Service, a Department of Agriculture agency, released the results of an aerial survey it undertook in April over 8.2m acres of forest. The survey was organized three months ahead of schedule…


Humanitarian Mapping Program To Help Nepal Earthquake Recovery Efforts

The death toll of the earthquake that shook Nepal over the weekend just topped 5,000. Aid is slowly getting to people who badly need it, but frustration at the slow pace of relief efforts continues to mount. Hundreds of thousands of people need food, water, shelter, or some combination of the three, not to mention the numerous people who desperately need medical care. Faced with scenes of such devastation, many people want to help, but what’s the best way to do that? Jumping on a plane to Kathmandu is a bad idea. Giving money to reputable aid organizations is much better, but if you want to do something more tangible in addition to a financial donation, all you need is a computer and time…



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