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These Are the 5 Facts That Explain Nepal’s Devastating Earthquake

The earthquake that ravaged Nepal, killing at least 5,000 people, has revealed the best and worst both in the Himalayan nation and those rushing to its aid. These 5 facts explain what’s shaping the domestic and international responses to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, and where Nepal goes from here…


Court delays hearing into former NSW SES commissioner’s alleged breach of Whistleblowers Act

A court has agreed to delay the hearing of a corruption charge against the former head of the New South Wales State Emergency Services, so that his lawyer can sift through a brief of evidence several folders in size. Murray Kear was charged after the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) found him corrupt for sacking a whistleblower and failing to investigate corruption allegations against his deputy and friend Steve Pearce…


SPECIAL EVENT – Nepal: The First Two Weeks

nepal_imgIn the 13 days since the magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal on 25 April 2015, the international community has witnessed the resulting death toll climb upwards of 7,300 people, with another 14,300 injured, in the midst of aftershocks up to magnitudes of 6.7. According to preliminary assessments, over 8 million people are currently affected in 39 out of Nepal’s 75 districts, and an estimated 2.8 million people are displaced…

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