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Riots and Resilience in Baltimore and Beyond

What we witnessed in Baltimore was, in many ways, the same as in 1992 and in the recent string of events in Florida, Los Angeles, Ferguson and New York. It was certainly a response to dreams deferred — for too long, and for too many. It was also a provocation, a frontal assault against injustice. And — as the Humvees roll away and the volunteers finish sweeping up the broken bottles — it is a test of the city’s resilience…


Community Resilience and Drought Solutions!

Before and after transformation of Nancy and Jim's lawn from May 2014

Before and after transformation of Nancy and Jim’s lawn from May 2014

Picture the following taking place in your neighborhood. Another lawn biting the dust under layers of compost and cardboard. A newly installed greywater system feeding drought tolerant and native landscape. Rainwater catchment barrels watering food gardens…






Compendium of case studies on climate and disaster resilient development in the Pacific

This document showcases case studies of programmes and projects that address climate and disaster risks, through climate change adaptation, disaster risk management and/ or greenhouse gas emissions reduction. This compendium highlights lessons learnt at the programme and project level and may be used as a resource for future initiatives moving forward under the Strategy for Climate and Disaster Resilient Development in the Pacific (SRDP)…


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