World Resilience NEWS

World headed for an El Nino and it could be a big one, scientists say

The world is headed into an El Nino event – potentially a big one – which will lift global temperatures and likely exacerbate bushfires and drought in eastern Australia, climate specialists say. Fairfax Media understands that Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology will announce next Tuesday that the El Nino event is all but certain…


Disaster resilience “vital”


Reducing poverty, improving health and education for all, achieving of sustainable and equitable economic growth and protecting the health of our planet now depend on the management of disaster risks in the day–to–day decisions of governments, companies, investors, civil society organizations, households and individuals, according to a new United Nations report…


Africa: G7 Countries, Top Insurers Team Up for Climate Change Resilience

Berlin — German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Gerd Müller unveiled today the new G7 Initiative on Climate Risk Insurance, during a high-level forum attended by, as well as decision makers from the G7 and developing countries, the financial industry, academia and civil society…


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