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Moreton Bay residents could take months to recover from Brisbane storm, local authorities say

Deception Bay was hit hard when heavy falls battered the state's south-east. ABC News: Kristina Harazim

Deception Bay was hit hard when heavy falls battered the state’s south-east.
ABC News: Kristina Harazim

Local authorities say it could take some residents months to recover from last week’s wild storm north of Brisbane. The Moreton Bay Council area was hit hard when heavy falls battered Queensland’s south-east last Friday. Mayor Allan Sutherland said residents are continuing to turn up at two recovery centres. “People are walking in in tears and walking out in tears and the reality of where they’re at, the space they’re in is shooting home,” he said. Some residents have blamed construction of the Moreton Bay Rail Link for exacerbating the problem in Deception Bay and Rothwell, where about 100 homes were flooded…


Tornadoes sweep across north Germany – video

Areas of north Germany were hit by a series of tornadoes from Monday evening into Tuesday morning. The town of Buetzow was severely damaged and one person was reportedly killed in Hamburg. Footage from YouTube user Ch. Schmidt shows a formation near the town of Rampe, while TV station ARD Morgenmagazin captured video of another storm near Schwerin…


Nepal earthquake: Can we make nations more disaster resilient?

Earthquakes cannot be predicted, beyond saying that where they have happened in the past, they will, someday, happen again. And those places are often home to people with few resources. After Saturday’s devastating earthquake in Nepal – and facing scenes that are depressingly reminiscent of equally destructive earthquakes across the Alpine-Himalayan mountain belt in the last decade or so, in Iran, Pakistan and China – it is natural to wonder how we might improve resilience to these terrible events. Have no lessons been learned?..



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