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Queensland’s five flood victims were in cars attempting to cross roads, say police

The five people who perished during Queensland’s wild weather were in cars attempting to cross flooded roads, police say, while a six-year-old boy has been airlifted to hospital in a critical condition after being swept into rough seas. Two four-wheel-drives entered water across Beerburrum Road at Caboolture, north of Brisbane, about 5.30pm on Friday. A 49-year-old man in one car drowned while his 21-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son managed to escape…


How employers can boost employees’ emotional resilience

bricksThe technique, which uses meditation and breathing exercises to help focus users’ attention on the present and relieve stress-inducing thought processes, is proving useful for employers keen to reduce mental ill health among their workforce, as well as their organisation’s sickness absence rates. But despite employers’ increasing use of, and acceptance of, the need for workplace mental wellbeing support, many organisations now discuss the subject in terms of emotional resilience…


An Earthquake Exposes Nepal’s Political Rot

Nepal is in the headlines this week — for all the wrong reasons. It’s not just the April 25 magnitude 7.8 earthquake, with an epicenter located 80 miles northwest of the overcrowded urban sprawl that is Kathmandu, that devastated the country and left more than 5,500 dead. It’s also the shambolic response of the country’s leaders. For Nepal, one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in Asia, this catastrophe has laid bare its political dysfunction. Many of those left homeless or injured have been waiting in vain for any form of government assistance…



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