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What Can a Poor City Really Do to Prepare for an Earthquake?

poor cityBrian Tucker, a California-based seismologist, and his team at GeoHazards International, a non-profit devoted to reducing earthquake risk, were in the Ecuadorian capital of Quito in the early 1990s, working on their first project. They’d spent two years in the city coming up with detailed proposals to make the city less vulnerable to a massive earthquake. They examined Quito’s building stock, its roads and hospitals, and worked out a communications strategy. At the end of it all, they submitted a list of potential plans to the mayor…


Jesuits and disasters

My recent personal obsession has been with climate change and natural disasters. Being a novice in this regard, I was fortunate to meet Antonia Yulo Loyzaga who has since become my mentor as we prepare for our three-year program on resilience. She is the executive director of the Manila Observatory (MO) at the Ateneo de Manila campus where I recently attended the launch of their 150th anniversary…


Qatar lauded for its ‘business resilience’

Qatar is ranked seventh globally for business resilience, the highest among the Middle East countries, according to the 2015 FM Global Resilience Index report. The index provides an annual ranking of 130 countries and territories around the world based on their business resilience to supply chain disruption. This year’s index comprises a mix of change and stability…


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